When it comes to maintaining that sleek and shiny look, there’s nothing better than the perfect pomade. We’ve put together some tips for you on how best to use this product so read up!

Pomades can be used in place of gels and offer a more freeing hold, but they vary by style. Some provide stiffer styles while others allow you to change your look throughout the day. The perfect pomade for your hair type will depend on how much flexibility is needed from it!

So, what type of pomades is there?

Pomades can be either water-based or oil-based. Pomades made from water are somewhat of a recent innovation, whereas oil-based pomades are generally traditional.

Which type should I be using?

A water-based product will rinse out easily and won’t leave residue behind. Also, because water-based products contain less oil, you’re less likely to irritate your skin and cause acne breakouts.

Final Thoughts

Oil-based pomades, on the other hand, offer several benefits. The fact that they do not dry is an important feature for most people, allowing them to be reworked and restyled. Additionally, they are available with different finishes, including high shine, extreme shine, and some more subtle ones. The oil in the product means that you will have to use less pomade as the days go by since the product will still be in your hair. For oil-based products to be completely removed from the hair, you’ll need to use shampoo instead of water.

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