Nothing looks better on a man than a full and well-maintained beard. However, people don’t often realise the amount of work that goes into keeping a beard looking good.

Want to grow a beard? Capello Barbers offers some effective ways of maintaining your facial hair.

Facial Skin Care

You can’t have a beard without healthy skin! Your facial tissue is where all of the growth happens. Your skin is your foundation. You need healthy skin to create a full and healthy beard.

The most common way men neglect their skin is when shaving. They may do it in a hurry and cause irritation or even itching! To avoid this, always make sure that you’re clean before handling your razor (washing with hot water helps) plus using the right product will help everything go smoother too.

Trim Your Moustache with Care

Your moustache is just as important to your face shape and style as any other facial hair. It should be trimmed regularly so that it fits in with the rest of your beard.

You can also use moustache scissors as they are easier to control and can let you create a more natural look. Using a comb will help you straighten out the hair before trimming.

When trimming your moustache, always keep your face in a natural position. Your face is naturally relaxed most of the time, so this will help you maintain a nice moustache.

Learn How to Fade Your Beard Neckline

A faded neckline gives your beard a natural look. To start, ensure that all the other parts of your beard are in order and that the hair is even.

After that, trim your hair around an inch above your jawline. You should set the trimmer blades to be shorter than the original beard length. Trim an inch from the beard towards your sideburns. Do this if needed until your beard blends into your sideburns.

Work on Your Neckline

You must also make sure that your neckline is crisp and clear in addition to your fade. If you want to always know where to place your neckline, you can use a simple old method. Touch your fingers together just above your Adam’s apple. This is where your neckline should be. You should follow the neckline along with the jawline and make sure that the distance between them is even.

Condition and Hydrate Your Beard

For beard care, you cannot use the same products you use for hair care. The skin on your face is sensitive, and the texture of your beard may vary from that of your head hair.

You should use a beard soap that nurtures your facial hair and the skin beneath your beard. Be sure to find a shampoo and conditioner that can do the same. Products with mostly natural ingredients are best. Be sure to get beard oil as well. Your beard will be moisturised, bushy, and easier to comb.

These tips can help you achieve the healthy beard you want

You can easily maintain your beard with these five simple tips. Establish a routine and take the time to do things correctly. Beard growth isn’t an overnight process. With patience and consistency, you’ll soon have the beard you desire.

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